Dr Jan Goss

Dr Jan Goss

Mindfulness: Meditation, Therapy & Coaching

I am based in Lytham, Lancashire and I specialise in mindfulness, offering individual mindfulness therapy and coaching, as well as group work.

I offer transformation and healing for mind, body and emotional difficulties, so that together we can create a ‘whole’ new you.

If you are struggling mentally, physically and/or emotionally, I can help.

Mindfulness research shows outstanding results for a very broad range of conditions affecting health and wellbeing, for example anxiety and low mood, and pain management.

As a result of learning to centre your attention in the present moment, you will let go of anxious thoughts of the future and difficulties from the past. Importantly, you will enjoy greater resilience and happiness as a result.

Personally, I have been practising meditation for 20 years and therefore I offer great depth of understanding. In addition, I combine this experience with therapy and coaching skills and a wide range of work in mental health, as well as 4 years of Doctoral research into mindfulness, at Lancaster University –  I therefore offer you the best possible help.

Please give me a call 07855 491485 or an email jan@drjangoss.com and we can discuss how I may be able to help you.

My services include:

  • Private Therapy & Coaching
  • Introductory Talks & Workshops for Groups of Any Size
  • Weekly & Monthly Meditation Classes & Groups
  • In-Depth One-day and Half-day Workshops
  • Residential Retreats for Individuals & Groups
  • Leadership Training and Coaching

View A Full List of my Services and Planned Events HERE

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I look forward to connecting with you – call or email me: 07855 491 485 or 01253 731 567 or jan@drjangoss.com

“To be alive is to be constantly evolving, life is a creative process & you are the artist”

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