Dr Jan Goss

Dr Jan Goss

Mindfulness Coaching & PSYCH K®

I am based in Lytham, Lancashire and I offer individual mindfulness and coaching in person, and by phone for people further afield. I facilitate meditation groups, mindfulness courses and residential retreats and I offer PSYCH K® which creates fast, lasting, personal change.

If you are experiencing difficulties in any area of your personal or professional life, together we can optimise your emotional and psychological wellbeing and your physical health.

PSYCH K® is a technique that removes stress from our system by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, creating a whole-brain state. It is quick and effective and has lasting effects, and quite often one session is all that is required.

Mindfulness builds emotional resilience, concentration and self-confidence, and at a deeper level restores self-esteem and quality of life.

Mindfulness and PSYCH K® work well together as both help us to change mindsets that create unhelpful behaviour and emotional difficulties including anxiety. Both help to remove stress around psychological, emotional and physical issues, and give you the courage to move forward with clarity and contentment.

Please call 07855 491485 or email jan@drjangoss.com so we can discuss how I can help you – and to book an appointment.

My services include:

  • Private Sessions & Coaching
  • Introductory Talks & Workshops for Groups of Any Size
  • Weekly & Monthly Meditation Classes & Groups
  • In-Depth One-day and Half-day Workshops
  • 8 Week Courses
  • Residential Retreats for Individuals & Groups
  • Leadership Training and Coaching

View A Full List of my Services and Planned Events HERE

I look forward to connecting with you – call or email me: 07855 491 485 or 01253 731 567 or jan@drjangoss.com

“To be alive is to be constantly evolving, life is a creative process & you are the artist”

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