Dr Jan Goss

Dr Jan Goss Therapist

Mindfulness & Psych-K

“You have been an influential, calm, caring, spiritual and educational part of my personal growth and development. I will always remember our sessions together and the mindfulness course. I would like to thank you again. You are very special, gentle and kind.” (Message from a client 27.6.20)

My expertise is in mindfulness and that is at the heart of my therapeutic work with a broad range of clients and personal issues. I have almost 20 years experience working with groups and individuals offering therapy, mentoring, coaching and remedial lifestyle guidance.

I am from Lytham in Lancashire and currently based in Iowa, US. I work one to one via Zoom with clients online in a variety of areas including (but not limited to): anxiety, addiction, relationships, career, lifestyle, self-confidence and self-esteem. I also offer help to those who may simply be stressed or lack motivation and direction, need help to gain clarity and move beyond certain problems. Sometimes just one or two one-hour sessions is all that is required to move forward in life and of course I also offer longer term support and help when that is needed. You are in control of how much time we work together.

Personal development is fundamental to our mental, emotional and physical health. It ensures that we learn from life experience and grow in healthy ways. It is an investment in our future, making life more enjoyable for our self and those around us. 

For Enquiries please message me on 07855 491485 or email jangossphd@gmail.com  or 1-319-457-9963 (US)

I have a PhD in Mindfulness from Lancaster University (2012) and I am an ordained member of the Plum Village mindfulness tradition of Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and I facilitate online meditation groups in this Buddhist tradition as well as secular mindfulness meditation classes. I am a qualified Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach and hold Advanced & Master Facilitator certification in PSYCH-K®.

“To be alive is to be constantly evolving, life is a creative process & you are the artist”

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