Dr Jan Goss

Dr Jan Goss

Mindfulness, Coaching & PSYCH K®

COVID 19: I am currently working with all clients using Zoom video calling. This is a simple solution and equally effective to working in-person. Most people are struggling with the effects of the current situation at times, such as anxiety, loneliness, depression or increased alcohol consumption or other dependent behaviours – if you need support dealing with these or any other emotional issues please do contact me.

Using a potent and dynamic combination of Mindfulness and/or PSYCH-K® and Coaching, we can transform mental, emotional, physical and ‘spiritual’ difficulties.

Together we create deep, lasting change – working to transform anxiety, trauma, phobias and self-limiting beliefs – by building new beliefs systems and skills that help you achieve greater happiness.

Mindfulness builds emotional resilience, concentration and self-confidence, and at a deeper level restores self-esteem and quality of life.

PSYCH K® is a technique that removes stress from our system and creates new, beneficial beliefs at the subconscious level,  It is quick and effective and like mindfulness, has lasting effects.

Together Mindfulness, Coaching and PSYCH K® change the limiting beliefs and mindsets that create  behavioural and emotional difficulties. After just one session you will feel lighter, more at peace with your self and your life.

If you would like an initial FREE telephone consultation to discuss your needs please call 07855 491485 or email jan@drjangoss.com so we can discuss how I can help you. I am based in Lytham, Lancashire.

“To be alive is to be constantly evolving, life is a creative process & you are the artist”

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