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On this page I have created a meditation resource for existing customers and visitors who are new to Dr Jan Goss. All the meditations are recorded by me and by using these regularly will help to develop a non-judgmental, present-centred, compassionate awareness that aids emotional resilience, reduces stress and improves concentration.

Sit in a comfortable upright position with your feet flat on the floor and the hands resting loosely in your lap, and your eyes closed or slightly open. Then simply follow the audio instruction. Please do not listen to the recordings whilst driving.

You have two choices on this page, you can listen now and continue to listen by visiting the page as often as you like, or you can pay for the meditation and down load it to your phone, computer or favoured digital device and then listen to the recording as many times as you like, wherever you are.

I have also provided a donate button. If you find this a valuable and useful resource and would like to support the production of future meditations, please feel free to use the donate button below.

3 Minute Breathing Space

Listen online ‘here & NOW’ for free – use this guided 3 minute mindfulness practice as many times as you like during the day to create a little breathing space:

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12 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Guided by Jan Goss

Scientific evidence now shows that just 12 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day will create beneficial, lasting change to the structure of our brain. This 12 minute guided meditation can be used one or more times a day to promote a clearer and more focused state of mind, reduce stress and enable greater concentration.

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The Original 30 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Guided by Jan Goss

This flexible 30 minute guided practice allows you to meditate for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes at a time. It gives you three options: to finish after 10 minutes of focusing on the breath; to finish after 20 mins – having focused on the breath and a body scan; or to listen to the end having completed the breath, body scan and a period of ‘noticing’ or ‘choiceless awareness’.

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40 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Guided by Jan Goss **NEW!!

This NEW 40 minute meditation has less guiding than the 30 minute one – so it is suitable for people who have a bit more experience and like want more space between the words, to sin into the present moment. The content is similar to the original recording and will be familiar if you have used my other recordings. It will help you to take the next step to guiding your self.

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Deep Relaxation/Sleep Meditation Guided by Jan Goss **NEW!!

Mindfulness practice in general is shown to improve sleep patterns – this deeply relaxing ‘sleep meditation’ is designed specifically to be listened to whilst falling asleep: it is a very gentle guided meditation that may aid relaxation and assist the process of  falling asleep. This is a new recording that is slightly longer and with some different content than the previous ‘deep relaxation/sleep’ recording .

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If you would prefer a CD recordings of any of the three downloadable meditations than please do get in touch and I can mail them out to you – please contact me jan@drjangoss.com or 07855 491 485 or 01253 731 567 (+ £1 p&p).

“Sitting quietly, just breathing in and out, we develop strength, concentration, and clarity. So sit like a mountain. No wind can blow the mountain down.”

Thich Nhat Hanh (2011)

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