Dr Jan Goss


Being the Change…

I have been committed to my own psychological, emotional and spiritual development over the past 20 years, and this, combined with the rigours of academic research ensures that I bring the qualities necessary to enable your personal development. To ensure success it is essential that I embody integrity and mindfulness, as this will allow us to enter into an authentic and purposeful professional relationship together. To this relationship I also bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

The first half of my professional life was spent in an entrepreneurial role – initially as a partner and director in a successful events management company and later as restaurateur and the sole proprietor of a contemporary, Michelin-listed brasserie. My role in both instances was pivotal to the creation of material ‘success’ and gave me a solid grounding in the world of commerce and leadership, but my health and wellbeing suffered and it was this, that lead me to engage in a deep process of intellectual and emotional development.

Since 1998 I have studied a wide variety of creative, psychological and spiritual processes, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and mind-body integration. I have an HE Diploma in Home Economics (1981), a first class BA (Hons) in Photography (2003), an MA in Creative Practice (2006) and in 2012 I gained my PhD in Religious Studies from Lancaster University with research into the applications and effects of mindfulness meditation on wellbeing. This commitment to both academic and experiential exploration and training, has resulted in a unique blend of skills and an insightful understanding of the human ‘condition’. It has enabled me to connect in a meaningful way with people from all walks of life in order to enable their personal development. I have been privileged to work with the homeless, prisoners, teachers, senior police officers, senior executives, psychotherapists, executive coaches, students and medical doctors. Through my work and as a result of my own development I have witnessed commonality in all people and a universal quest for peace, and the happiness, meaning, purpose, and successful work-life integration this initiates.

Based upon broad and rigorous research and practice, mindfulness has become pivotal to my own daily health and wellbeing practices, and it is fundamental to my work with clients. I currently work with private clients and a range of organisations in education, the public, and private sectors, using mindfulness for therapeutic/remedial, preventative/maintenance, and performance/personal mastery. I am an associate of the NHS North-West Research & Development Faculty, and I have featured in a number of radio programmes including The Slow Coach, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in August 2013 and January 2014. I am an Ordained member of the Tiep Hien Zen tradition of  Thich Nhat Hanh and work on a voluntary basis to facilitate mindfulness as spiritual practice in this tradition.

Jan Goss, Dip. HE, BA (Hons), MA, PhD

“Dr Jan Goss is an amazingly knowledgeable woman with an ability to instill calm in all around her…she is able to do this as a result of her obvious devotion, complete application, and absolute belief in mindfulness”

Dr Judith Poole, Senior Manager

“Jan is a very skilful practitioner in mindfulness. Her work is informed by a deep practical understanding, and extensive academic research in this field”

Dr Sally Watson, Director of Executive Education, Lancaster University

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