Dr Jan Goss


Since 2003  I  have worked with a wide variety of people including private clients, service users and providers in the public sector and the private sector. These are some of the organisations I have worked with and below is some of the personal feedback I have received:

Lancaster University Health Research, Lancaster University Management School, Logtek (Birmingham), NHS R&D (Manchester), Carillion plc (Chorley), Blackpool & Fylde College, Kirkham Grammar School, RNLI (Blackpool & Poole), McKee College (Poulton), AKS (Lytham), HM Prison Kirkham, MIND (Blackpool), Richmond Fellowship, Homestart



“I want to thank you for all you have taught me over the years and how you have enabled me to live a more productive, fruitful and fulfilling life, how you have shown me ways to deal with things and shown me how nothing is permanent amongst so much more.” (Anna)

“Hi Jan, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session. It really was so enriching and helpful. I have been meditating every morning since, using your cd and keeping a gratitude journal each night.” (Jane M)

“I felt amazing after doing your deep relaxation CD yesterday!” (Ruth)

“Thank you for all that you do, not just for me but for anyone who crosses your path, you’re lovely!” (Charlotte)

“I am so grateful for all that you helped me to discover about myself last year because I have more confidence now, that I will get through this ‘blip’! (Jane)

“You’re amazing, thank you!” (Sue)

“Since working with Jan I have just come through the first winter in years without depression and am finding that I have much more patience and tolerance both towards myself and others. As a result my relationships with others, particularly family, are enhanced and more enjoyable.” (Gina)

“Thank you so much Jan for all  that you did for the group. From all the organising and planning beforehand; to all the cooking and meditation; and the gentle and wise facilitation which allowed our issues to surface and be held in love for us to really look at them with more clarity than before.” (Vivienne)

“Thanks Jan, it’s so lovely sharing with you and seeing all our lives evolving and how I feel I am moving forward in my life with ease.” (Vicky)

“What a special morning it has been. Can’t get over the inner development I have received. Thank you Jan. It has been so healing and meaningful for me.” (Mary)

“Feeing so upbeat and positive after yesterday’s appointment. Thank you so much Jan. I am feeling so so proud of myself and am trusting what I feel quite naturally at the moment.”(Pauline)

“I know I have said thank you 3 times – in person, in the card and by email. But yet again…Thank you!!!” (Tracey)

“I’m so thankful for meeting you…your guidance has helped me to look inside myself and to start to open up. Thank you so much.” (Annie)

“I want to thank you again for today. I came away feeling kind of privileged. Quite difficult to put into words, but suffice to say a wonderful experience. The process was of massive value and I have had so much clarity around it, some uncomfortable, but for the most part really positive. Your wisdom and knowledge on the subject just oozes quality. I saw you as a humble, serene spirit who I wholeheartedly trust will guide me, if you can. I feel we made a strong connection.” (Jo)

“I feel more peaceful more often…It’s been a real pleasure to have spent time with you. You’ve been a breath of fresh air.” (David)

“Thank you again for the wonderful work you give so lovingly.” (Margaret)

“Being with you yesterday was very special.  I came home with a new sense of confidence and spiritual upliftment  Thank you so much Jan. I am very grateful Jan for the very special guidance and support you give me.” (Sue)

“I attended a workshop with you in January. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been practising mindfulness since then and it has made such a difference to my mental health and my outlook on life. It has helped me to understand and gain control of severe anxiety that started for me out of the blue at the end of last year. I still have ups and downs but mindfulness is such a powerful tool and helps me to get stronger and be happier every day. I am so grateful to you for starting me on this path and I hope to work with you again in the future.”(Lucy)

“I heard people this weekend talking about having amazing energy at times. I found I was so relaxed / trying to focus properly that I was quite tired on several occasions. However This morning I felt amazing. I woke earlier than normal and “bounced” out of bed. I ate my breakfast mindfully (it is usually eaten as a necessity at race speed) and did 10 minutes meditation before work!!!! I have also been calmer at work and stayed off the coffee. I also feel I have been more patient at work and at home. I want to sincerely thank you for the welcome, the patience and the love you showed to me and everyone else. You are an incredibly giving lady Jan and I am very grateful to have met you. Thank you again.” (Wendy)

“I love your regular newsletter updates! I still use mindfulness more than ever.  I do have a hectic life…I’m enjoying building a business and giving great people a great career, it’s terrifically fulfilling, there is a parallel with being a parent and seeing your child develop, instead of your child it’s a business.  I therefore do think you can be commercial AND mindful in equal measure.  I think there is a lot more to analyse in mindfulness in leadership, as I do believe that calmness in a hectic commercial world is a powerful thing for employees and customers alike.  I think calmness leads to deeper thinking and that leads to better decision making, seeing things for the long term not the short term. I am grateful for the introduction to mindfulness and want you to know you have made a difference for me. (Andrew Moses, The Config Team)

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising and hosting the retreat at Swarthmoor Hall this weekend. I don’t quite know what I expected but I do know you truly exceeded any expectations I had. I spent the whole weekend in a serene and amazingly mindful  bubble, totally untroubled by the outside world and in that peaceful, all inclusive environment I was able to focus on how I could take some mindful elements home to enhance my everyday life. You and the other retreat members did such a fabulous job of gently including everyone, no matter what our levels of previous experience and I know we all felt safe, relaxed and fully engaged all weekend. One final word – The Food! The food was fantastic, a total surprise to non vegan sceptics and almost as nourishing as the meditations. The whole retreat was perfect. Thank you Jan.” (Sue, Sharp Marketing)

“Quite amazing that only a month after our chance meeting on the green I have made the decision and taken the first steps. Thank you because without you it would have taken me far longer to be mindful of why I was unhappy…and know to trust my inner voice.” (Jayne)

“The session was great and I know the team all took something away from it, so many thanks again” (RNLI)

“Dr Goss has provided a valuable addition to well-being interventions. Emotional resilience is a key component when addressing psychological wellbeing and there is a mountain of research proving mindfulness practices impact positively on this. Allowing practitioners to take time to focus on the here and now, gathering their thoughts and facilitating considered decision-making, I have found is particularly useful for those in leadership roles.” (Dr. Ian Hesketh, Lancashire Constabulary)

“My work with Jan could not have come at a better time…Jan’s personal qualities have contributed to my journey. When we first met I sensed a great deal of determination and self-belief…and this observation challenged me to embrace the work before me…Jan is also enormously patient when others might react with frustration and this allows her to be keenly supportive and inquisitive without being intrusive” (Senior Manager, National Policing Improvement Agency)

“Jan is impressive and knowledgeable…her quiet, reflective style and delivery were very well received…she has a lot to offer managers and employees in organisations of any size, which will both increase personal happiness and collective productivity” (Dr Eric Teasdale, Chief Medical Officer, Global Health & Wellbeing, Astrazeneca)

“Dr Jan Goss is able to provide and tailor sessions and courses for individuals and work-place environments – and is flexible in the planning and delivery of all sessions – in order to meet both individual and business needs.” (Dr Judith Poole, Blackpool & Fylde College)


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