Dr Jan Goss

Calmness, Clarity & Confidence

I am currently looking to update my website and so I have been reflecting on my ‘process and practice’ of working with clients ~ gaining greater clarity around exactly what I offer to the beautiful people that I have the privilege of working with.

Using mindfulness for personal ‘development’ or ‘evolution’ develops the following three ‘essential ingredients’ or outcomes: Calmness, Clarity and Confidence. These are results of engaging in mindfulness practice and they are also three essential ingredients for a happy and successful (however defined) life. The mindfulness ‘journey’ is a process that revolves around developing and deepening these qualities in our self ~ hopefully you will find this insight useful:

Calmness is the antidote to worry and anxiety and so it has a therapeutic effect on our physiology as well as our psychology. Mindfulness helps us to reduce stress and relax, to replace negative bias with positive expectation, and increase our emotional resilience, all of which contribute to our inner peace. Calmness is also the foundation required to find the spaciousness that enables clarity of mind and effective creative and analytical thinking ~ both of which lead to a deep inner confidence or trust in our self and our intuitive capacity.

Clarity is dependent on calmness. When our body is relaxed our mind is relaxed and vice versa. In the spaciousness that calmness brings, we enjoy greater focus and concentration and this, combined with our ability to be present, non-judgmental and aware that everything is impermanent, allows our perceptions to be clearer and more accurate. When we are more centred and balanced, we naturally have more trust and confidence in our self.

Confidence enables us to move though life with ease ~ at home and at work. When we have that deep inner confidence or trust in our self, we have a positive perception of our self and a positive expectation of life ~ we ‘faithfully’ go with the flow and good things happen, consistently. And so we have more to smile about!

It seems to me that people often come to me when they are either anxious, confused, or unsure of themselves in some way. Mindfulness works initially to develop the calmness that is essential for us to see with greater clarity and when we become clear, it boosts our confidence. Mindfulness and these 3 C’s are the springboard from which we develop the likes of creativity, intuition, authenticity, trust ~ and of course the health and wellbeing that these qualities of life contribute to.

The cycle is perpetual and the qualities develop simultaneously ~ and there is ALWAYS another level to get to. We are constantly responding to life and the changes that we are presented with ~ our personal evolution is inevitable and so it makes sense that consciously and voluntarily engaging with the process by developing greater mindfulness ensures that we are adaptable, flexible and flowing with life, rather than being ‘stuck’, or in a ‘battle’ with it. The ‘work’ of personal evolution is never ‘done’, it is ongoing for as long as we draw our precious in-breath and out-breath.

Happily, mindfulness provides us with a simple practice and a path that creates lasting change within us and around us. It is organic and dynamic and therefore endlessly facinating and engaging – it wakes us up to the wonders of life ~ including our self!

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