Dr Jan Goss

Mindfulness is…realising there is more to life than meets the eye

When we practice mindfulness meditation regularly, that is, when we sit and practice the formal meditation, we begin to notice very subtle shifts taking place in our self and in our life. The principles that we practice are in fact highly transferable skills that migrate into all ‘corners’ of our daily life: the way we speak with friends (and strangers!); the way we brush our teeth; the way we choose the food that we will consume – where it has come from, the benefits of eating it, and the impact it has on our whole bodily system; and what we pay attention to!

With a greater capacity for mindfulness we inevitably see the bigger picture, the causes and their effects, and our part in their creation. We begin to see how our thoughts and decisions contribute to our experience. This is empowering because with this understanding we can make more informed choices  and take more responsibility for what we are creating and the impact that has not only on our own life, but the impact it has on the lives of others and the environment. In effect, mindfulness empowers us to take back the ‘control’ of our life – by harnessing our thought-power.

We can use this power to enable greater physical health, psychological wellbeing, and emotional resilience: to really begin to see life in all it’s glory from a more informed and wisdom-fuelled perspective. We can ‘open the door to life’, to living dynamically and healthily, by training consistently in the practice. By honing our skills on a regular basis we see so much of what was hidden to us previously and increasingly we begin to embrace life in all its guises.

Even attending a one-day workshop can provide a great insight into the practice and the benefits mindfulness ‘brings to life’. I see great change in people over the course of a day-long workshop, they leave looking more relaxed, fulfilled and accepting – and therefore less stressed and resistant to life.

Please email me for more details jan@drjangoss.com – or call 01253 731567 or 07855 491485


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