Dr Jan Goss

The Mindful Leader

My image of the Mindful Leader expresses all of the qualities that Mindful Leadership ’embodies’. Simply ‘being present’ is not enough, this must be backed up by kindness and consideration for self and ‘other’. There is no room in mindful leadership for competitiveness, ego, and one-up-personship!

Leaders, by definition, have influence and that influence needs to be for the good, if leadership is to be categorised as mindful. The ‘role’ doesn’t stop on ‘clocking-out’ from work – if the qualities are embodied, they are again by definition, more that an identity – they are our authentic self – and that is beyond playing ‘roles’ it is fundamentally who we are, the beliefs that we hold, and the values that we aspire to live by.

The Mindful Leader is self-reflective and self-aware, in a kind and compassionate way and these qualities are ‘transmitted’ in every thought, word and action, out into the world and to those we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Empathy is strong because the reflective leaders’ understanding of self is strong. Starting with self is always the first area of Mindful Leadership. If we are unable to lead our self effectively, how can we possible lead others?

The Mindful Leader walks her/his talk, has self-respect and therefore respects others. They engage in Appreciative Leadership that draws out the best in people through encouragement. The Mindful Leader has the courage to do things differently, to listen to their intuition and be creative and gives others the permission to do the same, to be authentic.


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