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Wellbeing is more than simply ‘being well’. It is a flourishing that comes from feeling fulfilled, finding meaning and a sense of purpose in our life. It is about engagement, connection and contribution, developing self-trust and self esteem, and trust in the process of life. It is about creativity, in the broadest sense of the word.

Wellbeing is achieved when we are ‘healthy, well and functioning fully’. It therefore requires that we nurture our physical, psychological and emotional health, and fundamental to this is a calm and clear mind and a relaxed body. Mindfulness enables this process by raising our awareness, increasing acceptance and bringing us into the present moment, the point of power where we have the opportunity to take ownership of our creativity, our self, and our experience of life.

“Dr Goss has provided a valuable addition to well-being interventions. Emotional resilience is a key component when addressing psychological wellbeing and there is a mountain of research proving mindfulness practices impact positively on this. Allowing practitioners to take time to focus on the here and now, gathering their thoughts and facilitating considered decision-making, I have found is particularly useful for those in leadership roles.”

Inspector Ian Hesketh, Doctoral Researcher and Police Officer

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